Mainely Coffee

Mainely Coffee is a coffee roasting company based in Millinocket, Maine.  They specialize in hand roasting high quality, specialty-grade coffee in small batches within view of Mt. Katahdin. Mainely Coffee roasts their coffee in small batches (under 9 lbs). Smaller batch sizes allows them to keep their quality control on point so that if a roast does produce a sub-par result it doesn't find it's way out of the roastery. At North Woods we brew their coffee as well as sell bags of coffee either ground or full bean.  Two of the blends we offer are brewed just for us and are very popular in the store; Katahdin and Chimney Pond. Katahdin Blend - This blend of Medium and Dark Roasted beans has notes of citrus, brown spices and mild chocolate with smokey overtones. Chimney Pond Blend - This Dark Roasted blend has strong note of dark chocolate, smokey vanilla and a hint of berry in the finish. Blueberry Ledges- A Medium-Dark blend of Indonesian and Ethopian coffees have notes of vanilla, chocolate and blueberries.